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Would you like to consistently maintain a healthy cashflow?
Pay your employees on time?
Get the best terms from suppliers?
Easily get finance for new machinery or other capital?
Ensure your business could get maximum value if you eventually decide to sell?

How much easier would your day be if you had structures and processes set up that would make these aspects of your business run smoothly? With less stress. And take up less of your time.

CJC Consulting

Hi, I’m Craig, Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at CJC Consulting.

CJC Consulting offers small businesses access to CFO services typically found in big businesses - to help them grow and release their potential.

I offer you the opportunity to direct your time elsewhere in your business - and outside it:

  • sales
  • customers
  • products
  • any other area of your business
  • time with the kids, golf with mates, a day out with the girls 

About me

I’ve spent the last 20 years in many industries and small and large global organizations - from junior roles to CFO, from acquisitions and sales. I’ve also been a key advisor and business partner to boards, CEO’s/owners and executive teams.
My expertise in financials, customer service, and business systems from IT, HR, and logistics comes from working in small businesses - where of course, position descriptions don’t mean a thing. You name it, I’ve worked with it.

After all this time, I’ve found my calling:

To help small businesses who’ve hit a wall in their growth - or have ambition to grow. I do this by offering CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services usually only available to big businesses and organizations.


Small businesses shouldn’t lose out on the benefits of strong financial control and business services. Yet they don’t need a full-time, in-house CFO. Just a trusted, experienced person to guide them when they need help. To help them understand what’s happening now - and help them plan on how to grow their business.


CJC Consulting provides financial control and business support to small businesses turning over between $2 million - $10 million. Common needs include:

  • Cashflow planning
  • Invoice payment terms
  • Debt collection
  • Supplier / employee obligations
  • Financing
  • Business growth
  • Buying / selling a business: due diligence

I do this by helping you manage and forecast cashflow, sales, margins, profit, and risks. Together, we’ll set up systems that will make it easy for you to run your business so you can focus on the aspects of the business you enjoy.

Check out case studies for a better idea of how businesses have found this service helpful - and the type of engagement options possible.

Tap into valuable financial control and business expertise

I’ll help you plan for healthy cashflow and smoother operations by offering you the CFO services used by big businesses - tailored to fit the unique needs of your small business:

Areas of focus

  • cashflow management and forecasting
  • profit improvements
  • sales and margin analysis
  • systems and procedures eg. policies for credit control, invoicing, purchase orders, inventory
  • level and detail of reporting
  • budgeting, forecasting and analysis
  • risk management
  • long-term strategic planning and exit strategies

How is this service different from what an accountant does?

Most accountants offer a service that reports on historical data, or what has happened in the past.
I’ll help you understand what is happening in your business now. Then I  help you to plan, manage and measure to get you where you want to be in the future.
What works for one business may not work for another. I look at each business on its own merits - and create custom reports and frameworks.
Another difference is that I look at more than financial information. Every part of your business works together: customer service, IT systems, legal obligations, new product offerings, and more.
I can offer you this additional value because of my hands-on experiences running all aspects of successful small business operations.

The CJC Consulting approach

Each business is different. You are the experts in your field. You have the passion to drive your business.
I’m here to share the journey and help you reach where you want to go.
Success is seeing your business grow - it means we’ve done our job well.

Are we the right fit?

This service is for small businesses with a turnover of $2 million to $10 million who want to grow.

But it is only for small business owners with can confidently reply ‘Yes’ to these 5 statements:

  1. I want to be supported but not told what to do
  2. I would like more accountability to make things happen
  3. I have an open mind and positive attitude
  4. I am continually striving to get the best out of myself, my people, and my business
  5. There’s nothing as certain in life as change: I see change as inevitable

Please check out case studies to see how other businesses have grown with me in their corner.

Want to work with me? The engagement process

Step 1 Initial meeting to discuss business and individual requirements and ideas

Step 2 Proposal produced detailing identified areas of focus and indicative timescales involved

Step 3 Discussion and agreement on proposal and level of engagement

Step 4 Successful and supportive relationship begins!

I don’t offer textbook solutions: I’ve worked in small businesses long enough to know reality is different. Every business is different. That’s why I only offer a fit-for-purpose service: I’ll help you based on what you need help with - when you need that help.

Access big business services tailored to small business needs.

Take a look around the site and if you like what you see, I look forward to hearing from you.

Principal and Consultant, CJC Consulting
CPA and CIMA qualified accountant

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