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Invoice Payment Terms


Stop struggling with your cashflow by setting up good processes
Avoid the awkwardness and stress of late-paying customers
Learn how to maintain relationships when you change terms

Perhaps you’re finding it difficult at the moment due to not having steady cash flow. You may be thinking of changing payment terms and wondering what would be the best way to inform existing clients of the change.

Although it seems daunting for you, invoicing payment terms are a common process we’ve dealt with over the past 20 years. We’ll suggest ways to:

  • Improve your terms
  • Consider different types of customers
  • Communicate changes: scripts, notice timelines
  • Maintain relationships
  • Plan buffers for unexpected expenses or customer defaults

We’ll help you set payment terms that work better for your cashflow - and your peace of mind - long term.

Ensure a healthy flow of cash into your business by setting strong payment terms

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