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Business Growth


Learn what you could do to enjoy continual growth over the next 2, 5, or 10 years
Free up time to do more of what you enjoy in - and out of the business
Get the information you need to feel empowered and confident in your decisions

Imagine owning a Ferrari. It’s slick, shiny, and the smell of new car leather make you giddy with happiness.
You shuffle to get comfortable in your bucket seat. Slide the windows down slightly. Switch on the radio. And prepare for the moment you’ve been dreaming about: flooring this baby down the highway.


There’s a problem.

You’re stuck in first gear.

No matter how much you try to shift gears, you can’t seem to make the transition.
You can’t fully enjoy the benefits of your powerful new Ferrari.
Kind of like your business. Perhaps you’ve been running at $1 million turnover until now.
Suddenly your business has a turnover over $3 million - and how you’ve always run the business doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Example: New service offering

A common scenario clients find themselves in is when they want to offer a new service to prospects.
It has the potential to dramatically change their business, and is very exciting to them. But it is also important to understand the impact it may have on their current business and the resources that will be required to provide the service.
I support clients so they can identify and plan for what is required  - and minimise any potential risk.

Other ways growth may be affecting you and your business

  • You’re holding up purchases because you don’t have time to approve them all.
  • You’re profitable, but you can’t seem to pay suppliers on time.
  • HR paperwork is taking up more of your day than you’d like.

You no longer have time to focus on doing what you love: designing new products, keeping in touch with your customers, or spending the weekend with your family.
Sure, you could keep going and perhaps it will all work out as you keep growing. But what if you can’t keep up?

Consider an alternate reality

Perhaps you would like:

  • More certainty with cashflow so you know whether you can afford extra finance
  • To negotiate better terms with suppliers
  • To learn how to put together packages that entice good, longstanding employees
  • To reduce the stress of dealing with customers who don’t pay
  • To buy new machinery so you can expand production
  • To free up more time in your day

Your financial and business systems coach

You’re the driver of your business. I’d love to be your guide on the journey, if you’ll let me.

 I offer you:

  1. An eager listener and willingness to learn from your experiences
  2. Relief from cashflow strain
  3. Over 20 years of experience helping small businesses to grow smoothly
  4. Accountability to your business - and to yourself
  5. My support with hard data, planning, and mental mindsets that will allow your business to get bigger and better
  6. A systems approach: not just financial, but also IT, HR, customer service, and logistics
  7. Confidence, positivity, and a more relaxed approach to business
  8. Opportunities you may never have thought about
  9. Time to focus on what you enjoy
  10. A personalized service that suits your needs (see the case studies for examples of how businesses use my services)

Together we’ll tackle the major concerns in your business. We’ll set up custom procedures, controls, and reporting that will make it easier for you to run your business - and see how your business is performing at any time.
We’ll take the time to understand your financials - but more importantly, we understand that your business isn’t captured in your balance sheets and profit and loss statements.
What matters is your goals, your people, your systems, your cashflow - now and in the future.
You see, the past is reflected in your financials - but dealing with the present to set up for future growth is what we’ll work on together.

Get a better understanding of how your business is performing and what you need to grow

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