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Cashflow Planning


Stop struggling with your cash flow through strong systems
Identify reasons for fluctuations in your cashflow
Gain a full picture of your financials and business so decision making becomes easier and faster

When I ask the question – so how do you measure financial success in your business?
The most common response is the level of cash in the bank account.


Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality.
Businesses may have big sales revenues, but do these revenues cover the costs needed to provide the services or products on offer?
Sanity versus vanity.

Whilst it is a very important measure, cashflow is influenced by many factors:

  • Do customers pay on time?
  • Are you paying suppliers before customers have paid you?
  •  Does the profit produced generate sufficient cash to keep the business running?
  • Do you offer longer payment terms to get more sales?
  • Are these sales profitable?

That creates complexity around the number you see on the screen.
I help small businesses to understand these complexities.
It’s great having a large turnover - but having a strong understanding of your business reality - your cash flow - will help you keep a grip on your sanity.
Together we’ll look at these different reasons for the changes in your cash flow - and measure and manage these changes with concise easy-to-understand reports.

You’ll learn how to maintain healthy cash flow so you’ll be in a strong position to grow your business.

What would a healthy, consistent stream of cash do for your business growth - and your sanity?

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