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Packages designed for business success

Running any business is hard - no matter what the size. The challenges your business faces may be different, however one thing, is common to all businesses – and that is CASH.

How do you control and report upon this one constant when it is not something that you have expertise in. By nature, we focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses. Do you have these worries and concerns around your cash flow and business finances, do you find yourself saying:

  • We have never been busier - so why doesn’t the bank account reflect this?
  • There are major payments due this month - how do I know I can afford to make them when required?
  • I have enough to worry about - I can’t predict payments on a weekly basis, no point doing it over a longer period of time
  • I’m not a “numbers” person - I don’t understand what it all means!

This is where we become your key support - we report, measure and forecast your cash-flow to allow you to grow your business, improve profitability and maximise it’s potential! We offer tailored packages to best suit your needs, and we will ensure you understand what is being provided. We believe in keeping things clear, jargon-free and concise! The three most popular packages are shown below.


  • Weekly cashflow and budget report
    Actual vs Forecast vs Last year
  • Monthly update report
    vs 3 month rolling average
  • Weekly one to one meeting 30 mins


  • Weekly cashflow and budget report
    Actual vs Forecast vs Last year
  • Monthly update report
    vs 3 month rolling average
  • Weekly teleconference 1hr
  • 4 Key business drivers measured


  • Weekly cashflow and budget report
    Actual vs Forecast vs Last year
  • Monthly update report
    vs 3 month rolling average
  • Weekly one to one meeting 1hr
  • All key business drivers measured
    Financial and non-financial
  • Quarterly workshops included
  • Full financials reporting pack monthly

Weekly Reporting

We provide weekly reporting for visibility and awareness of cashflow in all of our three packages.
Putting you in the driver seat you will be able to respond and make business decisions, as you will have access to the facts when things happen, not weeks later. Measuring actual cashflow versus what was budgeted and referring to the same period last year for seasonal perspective and understanding of the growth position. The monthly update provides the same information with less volatility and is measured against a three month rolling average, to display trending.  

This service enures the pain points are managed and don't just 'happen to you'. We will assess key payment dates (compliance, superannuation, PAYG etc) and factor these into the three month forecast. Being forearmed we will be able to implement strategies to manage your growing business; requirements.

Weekly catch ups

To retain focus and react in a timely manner we will provide weekly meetings or teleconferences depending on your package. These 30 or 60 minute catch ups are designed to be short and sweet. To discuss current requirements, up-to-date information to revise forecasts and to provide additional support around immediate business decisions.

Measuring the right things

In our premium packages we will spend additional time establishing KPIs and measure the drivers that will make the most difference to your short and long term success. Visibility of these KPIs over time will help make business decisions to drive improvements to profits, cashflow and business outcomes for yourself, the owner.

Quarterly Workshops

Join us and your peer companies as we pull together high value content for regularly scheduled workshops. Our Platinum client enjoy complementary access but all of our clients are welcome to attend. Sharing business insights, financial and non-financial, and discussing business with other like minded business owners.

Full monthly financial pack

We know the saying "information is power" which is why, as part of our Platinum package, we provide a comprehensive financial pack. The reports included are:

  • Proft & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow report
  • Sales and Cost analysis
  • Debot & Creditor analysis
  • Working capital analysis

It's a full report on all financial aspects of the business, that will equip large and small businesses owners to make better decisions. This is a real value add to any business allowing you to demonstrates strong management and leadership.

I don't need to do more smart things. I just need to make fewer dumb mistakes.
The Road Less Stupid - Keith J. Cunningham

There are no restrictions to the size of business we offer these services to – remember, it is what is relevant to your business! Just a few of the returns on this investment in your business include;

  • Support and advice from experts with extensive knowledge and experience
  • Clear visibility of your cash-flow requirements in the short and medium-term
  • Your most valuable resource, time, returned to you to focus on the areas you want to
  • Flexibility to take advantages of opportunities when they arise

Allow us to support and educate your business to become more profitable, enjoy improved cashflow and release its potential! Contact us today

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