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Supplier / Employee Obligations


Supplier payments

If you now turn payment terms on its head, you’ll see how it reflects on your supply side - you’ve probably paid your suppliers a little after terms at some point. This is a common situation. It may not mean anything at all.

But perhaps it happens often:

What is this doing to your cashflow?
What opportunities are you losing out on by holding up cashflow? Eg. discounts, better terms, deposit on a new product line
What are the flow-on effects to other parts of your business? Eg. Relationships, reputation, loss of more skilled employees

Employee payments

Cashflow problems may make it difficult to pay employees in time. It becomes a case of priorities, and perhaps as you keep chalking up more debt, you’ve had to push employee wages down a notch.
It becomes a vicious cycle. And a risky one: employees can get Fair Work Australia involved. Orders to pay, and even court may become a reality.
Even worse is the risk of losing the trust, motivation, and loyalty of your best employees.

What we’ll do is:

  • Help you improve and set up systems that work together
  • Offer ways to quickly deal with missed employee payments
  • Understand you and your business: past, present, and future goals, activities, and financials
  • Focus on maintaining positive relationships and goodwill
  • Respect your place in the driver’s seat: we guide, you decide

We’ll help you reframe your approach from panic, pessimistic, and reactive, to proactive, positive, and confident.

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