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Big Ideas for Small Business

Conversation around the current, unique environment we find ourselves in

Some discussion points around navigating these unique times

Coronavirus VS Cashflow

Do you have certainty around your cash flow? Now, more than ever, business owners need to know their business financials and numbers. Decisions will need to be made and having as much information available to you as possible, makes for better...

How to get the most out of your business in challenging times

Some pointers around understanding your business in challenging and unique times

Time to reflect and think

Take time to understand the short and long term impact of decisions

What is a CFO, what do they actually do, and do you need one?

There are stories of success and failure, of good ideas and bad. One of the life bloods of any business (notice I said one, not the only!) is financial management. Some people are good at it, some not so much and, to be completely honest, that’s...

Make sure you know your facts

Facts are friendly, so get as many as you can before making critical decisions

Surely it can’t be that hard…

When you have an issue with a car – what do you do? When you have a leaking pipe – what do you do? When your electrics are giving you a bit of a shock – what do you do? You want to sell your house – what do you do? Most the time you would probably...

Talking business with Loren Bartley

Learning about other businesses and their owners can help us all

When do you know it’s the right time?

In all aspects of life, there are times when choices and decisions have a more lasting impact than others. Where to live, what to wear, what car to buy, what coffee to have – all require a decision. Just the Impact of these decisions can vary on...

BNI Presentation

How a part-time CFO can help any business of any size

What is the difference between a Bookkeeper, Financial Controller and CFO?

A common question that is raised when discussing the potential advantages that a part-time CFO can add to an organisation is centred around the differences between a bookkeeper, financial controller and CFO. Mainly it’s based on the fact that an...
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